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The majority of Diversity and Inclusion programs focus on tolerance of differences and the avoidance of insensitive attitudes. Inclusion of persons with disabling conditions (PWD) often involves both changes in attitudes and inclusive behavior. Mainstreaming on Main Street (Moms) starts with pwd inclusion and addresses overall diversity while recognizing that disenfranchised groups come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Another way of putting it: Mainstreaming on Main Street starts with the assumption that we are each of us broken, and yet, we are all whole persons. It is in recognizing our brokenness that we realize our wholeness.



  • Diversity training/facilitation
  • Organizational culture analysis
  • Conference/meeting presentations


For more information contact:

Dan Lococo, PhD,

Barrier Knocker Downer

Dan.lococo@gmail.com Bio & Blog:  http://wp.me/P16SG0-2